Monday, June 30, 2008

Awesome "Dogs"!!!

Roadside sign... "Awesome Dogs"... At entrance to a parking lot for two businesses... A Hardware store and a Soda and Beverage store...

And here is the setup, for the "Awesome Dogs"... She offers Hot Dogs, 'Brats', sometimes Pulled Pork, soda, Saratoga Water... And they are good! :-)
She spends her summers here. And then packs up and goes down to Florida, to do the same thing there, in the winter months.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Of tiles, and bugs, and roses...

I was at the library this morning, and noticed {again} this effect, at the front. It's a sort of a mosaic of tiny chips of tile, I guess. On a lower level of the approach.

Perhaps depicting some of the topics, which are covered in books, on the library shelves.

Especially for Marvin. Not a great bug. But, it's a bug!!!! >,-) See! I can 'shoot' them, too. >,-))))

One of my husband's 'Old Roses.' A teeny, tiny one. After the rain...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flowers... And request for words of wisdom...

These flowers are from my husband's garden. As you can see, he is The Gardner around here. I just enjoy them, and take photos of them.

Dear Quint just commented "Hello," on my last entry. As so many of you dear people have done. I wrote a reply comment, in his blog. It seems it needs to be copied here, as well. It says 'it,' as well as I have been yet able to say 'it.' {'It" ~ why I am away from posting in this blog} -sigh- So I copied it and paste it below.

Please read and feel free to leave me, your words of wisdom.
Please and thank you.

And thank you,
Quint, for already giving me wonderful words of wisdom!

Magnificent photos, as always.

Thank you for stopping by and saying 'Hello.'

Yes, I do get the urge to begin again, with my daily area photo. No, I do not want to have to do it, _daily_. And also, to be honest, I don't want to return to feeling I must visit in all, who visit in mine. There, how is that for "True Confessions," as they say? -sigh-

I have too many blogs, even with just my 'Smilnsigh' and my 'Photos-City-Mine.' This makes for too many blogs, which I want to follow. And this makes for time-problems... I don't have time to follow all of them. -sigh-

Any words of wisdom, for me, please?


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I seem to have lost my flow of taking photos. Not getting new ones up, here. So I'm taking a week or so off. See if I can get back into the swing of it. No need for you nice people to keep checking here, when I'm in a "run-dry" period.

There's still plenty around here, to take pics of. The area hasn't run out of subjects. I've just run out of the push, to take them.

I'll come around and visit you, when I get my grove back. And you can return the compliment, if you wish.

Play nicely, in the meantime, boys and girls. :-))))))


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old... Still nice...


Old building... Still pretty nice looking.

{Click on pics to enlarge}

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flora and fauna...?

Flora and fauna???

I liked it better, a while ago. When we wanted to keep the clover growing in the grass. It's stems, etc. were GREEN, any way. ,-) Back when there wasn't that much grass. ,-) Now I have to take pics, before son cuts both our lawns.
These can't be the same pre-baby frogs, which I pictured before, in the little bird bath pond. This must be another batch. See those little sperm-looking things swimming around? The white flower-things leave a shadow too. But the bitty-frogs have those 'tails.'