Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Carriage House renovation photos

The blue-gray stuff is just primer.
.This is the view of the back. Changes will be made to above, on the right. Which will actually take it back to a more original look. That ramp is temporary. There'll be a kind of a raised patio/entry way, made out of old stone.
How do I know? 'Cause I chatted-up the estate caretaker and even got a tour inside. :-) Much to be done, both inside and out. But I know the general plans now.

.A section of the main house, showing the [matching] colors, which will eventually be used on the renovated Carriage House. A couple of grayish greens and sort of a maroon trim. I am so glad the old yellow, will be gone.

Btw, this above is not the original main house. That sadly, is long gone. Torn down years ago and different houses built, on this lot. This is the latest incarnation. Not made in the style of the original. But I've yet to find a photo of the original.