Thursday, September 6, 2007

The 'Pink House'

I love this house. But it wasn't "prettied up" this Summer. -sigh- It's owned. yes. So it's odd that it wasn't gotten ready for the Season.

When it is all
"prettied up" with lots and lots of flowers... It reminds me of the set for a 50's musical film. I can almost see Doris Day coming out the front door and singing a song, on the front porch. :-)

Btw, this is one of these "Summer Cottages" which I was lucky enough to get inside and take a tour. A friend is a real estate person and this house was up for sale. She *made believe* I was a perspective buyer, so I got a tour. :-) Funny thing is, once inside, it wasn't as magical. But then, if I had unlimited income and could fix it up inside, to match my outside vision of it {a set for a Doris Day turn-of-the-century musical}, then I could make it purrrfect. Dream on Mari-Nanci! :-))))

And yes, that's almost a 'Widow's Walk' kind of a 'thing' on the tippy-top.