Friday, October 26, 2007

Pine needles and leaves...

Fallen leaves and pine needles, on steps in Congress Park...
Some answers to some questions asked... I probably missed some, but please ask again.
All the buildings I show {except those in Congress Park} are privately owned and maintained.
Our mineral spring water contains iron, sulfur and various other minerals. Each spring is different. Most just 'come up' but we have a real geyser. Which I will show someday. There are no hot springs here. And yes, they have been looked on as healing, ever since the native American Indians viewed them this way. And... I only know of one, which is ... drinkable for me. Eeek... ,-) But that doesn't stop people from drinking them, and from bathing in them, in the Bath Houses. {Where the water is heated, of course!} :-)