Thursday, October 18, 2007

What is at the top of the stairs...?

The other day I showed Stairs, from below. Today I show them, from above.

Click on photo, to enlarge

If you let your eye follow the logical route, you can see where the steps end... At those dark posts to the right, in this picture. And down below where they end {or where they begin, if looking from the bottom}, you can see something which looks like a white 'box.' It's not a 'box.' It's the small pavilion which has been built around one of our many Mineral Springs.

So, what else is at the top of this stairway? A city street and across the street, is a very, very old building, built in 1773. Which doesn't seem that old to people in other lands, but in "The New World," it is old. :-) Some time ago I did an entry on this building, with 5 photos on the inside. Since part of it's history was as an Inn... And since our Mineral Springs have long been sought out for their medicinal qualities... I imagine that this stairway was built on the site of the original path down to the Spring... from the Inn above. Where travelers would stay, when coming to the Spring.