Friday, November 23, 2007

Not "Alien X's"... "Alien-Eyes"!!!

I've seen photos of odd reflections make by sunlight, before. But I can't find an example, to link to. :-( Seems someone called them something like "Alien X's." The effect of an 'X,' made by sunlight reflected off of windows.

The pictures I've seen, were reflections on building walls. But all I could get was a reflection on a fence. The effect on a fence, isn't as complete and so, not as good. Sorry... But maybe someone will have seen these... And can take one, which shows the effect, in a better way than this one. :-) Meanwhile, I'll keep looking. ,-)

An Addition...
Thanks to Julie, I now have the link to the blog where the term 'Alien-Eyes' was coined. Please click here and scroll down and find wonderful examples of this reflection.