Thursday, November 1, 2007

Signs of the Zodiac...

Of course, these are not my pictures. But I need them, to show the Ballroom of the Canfield Casino... at its best. My little camera could not take these photos! So please bear with me, today. More than one photo and not mine. :-)

Above is the largest capture I could find, showing part of the Ballroom ceiling. These ceiling windows are stained glass Signs of the Zodiac, and are magnificent. ~~~ The Casino's "hey-day" only lasted until gambling was out-lawed. Then it fell into disrepair. Foolish things were done, in those following years. :-( ~~~ By the time we came to our senses and realized what a jewel we had, it took time and money and perseverance to try to restore it, to its former grandeur. ~~~ One of the most weird things done, was done to those beautiful stained glass windows of the Ballroom ceiling. They were leaking. So the order went out, to remove them and throw them away and board up the window holes. ~~~ Thankfully, the man whose job it was to take them to the dump, did not! Instead, he hid them in the hay loft of a barn on his farm. In pieces now, of course. ~~~ A person who eventually bought the farm, found them and called the City. Restoration was done, over several years, and they were replaced in the ceiling. To continue to be enjoyed!!!!!!!!!

Below is a picture of the use of the Ballroom, for a wedding reception.

Below here, is use of it for an evening gathering. At the other end, is a stage where the band for music, can be placed. Much dancing is done here, of course.

Local use of the Casino has been greatly helped by Mary Lou Whitney, who over the years, has had air conditioning installed and has wonderfully updated the bathrooms. I've used them, before and after, and I can attest that.... after is better! :-)