Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Need olives???

Back to Roma's. They have much yummy food, there. But these olives caught my eye. And they just "cried out" to be photographed. ,-)

When we got to the check-out, and I told the cashier that I took a picture and would put it on my blog... And gave her a slip of paper, with this blog URL on it, so she can look and see... Her eyes got very wide, at first. Granted, it does sound odd, to have this older woman and her granddaughter come in and say; "I put your produce in a blog, which can be read world wide." -gigggles- But she actually did know what a blog is! So, maybe, she is reading this.
-waves to her-
And if she's not awfully familiar with how blogs work, I'll say that to see the picture larger, click on it. And to see my previous post, about Roma's, click on the 'Roma's' word up there, which shows up in Red. :-)

A net friend has started a photo blog, and hasn't been able to get the CPDB button installed yet. But she put such a beautiful photo up today, of a majestic scene, near her. That I want to ask you to please click here and take a peek.
Please and thank you.