Monday, February 18, 2008


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One of those lovely old structures, saved by having business and offices in it now. It was originally the Saratoga Spgs. Hospital. Now it houses offices and a gown shop. The display window of which, can be seen in front.

I love this building, which faces on Franklin Square. Which {Square} has numerous large old houses/buildings around it. A beautiful spot in our city.

I love it that the gown shop does tasteful displays. Always 3 gorgeous gowns in this display window. {There seems to be a sign, in the middle gown spot, at the present} Beautiful, tasteful, lovely, classic, fantastic gowns! :-) And I expect it to remain there, since it's been there for a long time, now.

Other tenants are probably offices. Which is fine, also. All I care about is the appearance, from the street. And that the inside is maintained also.