Monday, February 25, 2008

Signs unique to your city...

The sign doesn't quite cover it. The Irish came first, and they were employed in the glass blowing factories. {On Glass Factory Mountain, as it was called} This west side of town where their homes were, was nicknamed 'Dublin.' The Irish began to move out, when the glass factories closed. And the Italians came next. To this day, there are still many Italian families living there.

I may not have worded this entry properly. We in the USA are all descendants of those who came from other countries!!! Unless we are American Indians, that is.
My great grandfather on my mother's side, came from Ireland. My grandfather on my father's side, came from Germany. My husband's grandfather came from Germany. We are ALL descended from people from other countries, and proud of it.

They came here to the USA, and worked hard and saw to it, that their children learned the language and integrated. And learned to be good citizens of their adopted country. And that is why many of us feel that this should continue. Integration in the adopted country, I mean. Become a citizen... Learn the language... And be proud of both one's heritage, and of one's adopted country.

Do you have signs/plaques, unique to your city or area? Look around, maybe you'll find some.

Some time ago, another city blog, asked this question. Sadly, her blog is no longer active. If it was, I'd link back to it, of course.