Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Love this old house...

I love this old house, up on a hill. And no, I didn't go up the driveway. I just zoomed up with my camera. ,-)

But I'd fix it up, if it was mine.

I'd take off that closed-in porch, on the right. And replace it with a matching porch, like what's on the left. By consulting old photos of the original, if possible. And do things with the lawn. And replace the old ratty shrubs, with new ones. Which would then be kept shaped. And some flower beds, around the base of the front window, which comes out, in the middle of the front. And have something done with the trees, by someone who knows what he's doing. And general sprucing-up and new paint job.

Surrrrrrrrrrrrre... >,-) All I'd need, is the money! ,-)