Friday, April 25, 2008


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When I previously saw lots of digging being done on this old mansion, I didn't think restoration would continue. But now, instead of just a big hole being in front of the house... It looks like there are bases, for a new porch.

And in the back, no more just a bigger hole. There is the base for something... Maybe a big back porch. Something anyway.
And where the kitchen was, in the back... It's been gutted, and a support beam put through, from one side to the other.
.Here {above} is a close up of the support beam, and the hole for it.
.And you can see right through the back of the house. From one side to the other.
.And on the side of the house, where old porches were torn off ~ and where there was more digging done ~ work has been done on the foundation and preparation for new porches laid. The house had been let go, without work being done on it, by the heirs of the former owner. :-( I was in it, for the estate sale, and it had so much work needing to be done. Yeaaaaa, that the new owner is continuing the work, he began!!!

But I'm never satisfied. If only he would do the same, to the unique carriage house, behind it.