Sunday, April 20, 2008

The same... and different

The same... and different.

The same... I will continue to take photographs and to blog.

The different... I have decided to take this blog off of CDPB. Even though I have loved every minute of being part of the CDPB family! I am so grateful to Eric for letting me join. And too
Demosthenes, for helping me many times, with techy difficulties. And am so grateful to all the exposure which CDPB has given my blog. And grateful to each and every person who has come by and commented. I hope to keep taking and blogging photos of my city. And to keep visiting all, who have been so kind to me, while here.

So, why the change? Because the "daily-ness" of it, has begun to feel sort of like a "job." I don't always want to post daily. But it's not fair, to change the flow of a blog, just to suit how I feel. Perhaps my problem with the "daily-ness," is simply my perception. It probably is. But we live in our perceptions. And mine now tell me, to make a change.

Again, thanks to all. And I will keep blogging. And visiting people who now feel like old friends. And be very happy if you still come by and visit me, here.