Thursday, April 3, 2008

Was... Isn't any more.

This old building was a Feed Store. Grain, seeds, feed, hay, yard supplies, farm supplies, plants, flower seeds, etc., etc., etc., could be purchased there. A kind of a city landmark. Right next to an old Pub, which is also a city landmark. Well, the Pub is still there. But the Feed Store has moved. Out past the Mall. -sigh-

But word is ~ this old place won't be simply torn down. That's hopeful. In some way, it will become the 'front' of a codominium complex. {Like apartments or flats... but you
don't rent them... you buy them outright} How this will be done, don't know. Even IF this will be done, don't know. We can hope... That the new owners will semi-preserve the look of the old traditional front, in some way... Time will tell.