Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The "Pink Sheet"

Getting ready to sell the "Pink Sheet," a staple in Summer in Saratoga, at the Saratoga Thoroughbred Race Track.

The "Pink Sheet" is a special edition of the local newspaper, containing a section, printed on pink paper... Containing everything you want to know about the races of the day.

Young people gather in photo above, to get their papers to sell and to be assigned where to sell them. What spots around the entrances to the thoroughbred track.

This was taken from a moving car, so it's not very clear. But you can still see the bright pink t-shirts/caps they wear. One of our granddaughters is selling it, again this year. About 4 hours of sell, sell, sell! In any/all weather. Sunny... like the day I took this pic. And heavy rain, rain, rain ... like too many days, last week.