Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The most interesting one..

And now we proceed down the street, by the side yard... Ooops, looks like Dracula's Castle is sort of deflated today. Maybe it didn't like the quick down-pour of rain yesterday.
Now we approach the front of the house...

And see the front windows...
Now the porch comes into view...

A close up of the porch... Would you like to approach this porch, on a dark Halloween night? -grin-
I don't think you can see the fake spier webs, which have been placed on the inside of these windows, below. Sorry... But I will get a few pics, after dark. I must! There is an old fashioned candelabra in the right hand window. I'll bet it's lit at night. And must give a really great effect! ,-)Especially since that is the room, where 'it' is supposed to have taken place...............

What 'it'? Well I will tell you....

The original owner of this house is supposed to have died in this front den. Which is fine.
But the lawyer who owned it, a couple of years ago, said that..... he wanted to keep one of the doors to this room closed. Maybe the one toward the front entry. {Yes, I've been in this house, at the time of an estate sale} Anyway, which door I don't know. But he closed it. And in the morning, it was open.

So he thought maybe the old house shifted at night or something, and it caused the door to swing open. So that night, he locked it shut, with the old key and lock on the door. But in the morning, it was again open.

So that night, he closed and locked the door again. Then locked the old key in a locked desk drawer, in the room. And went to bed. Next morning, the locked desk drawer had been flung across the room and had shattered. Thus freeing the door key. The door was open. With the key in the lock, of course.

After that, he gave up... If someone/something wanted it open, then open he would leave it.


Want to come 'Trick Or Treating' with me, Halloween night?????????