Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stories, of my city...

And they have a blow-up Dracula's Castle in the yard, for the kids.

And no, this isn't the dark house I spoke of... That was another 'dark' house. But.... this one is kind of dark/weird looking too.

Anyway, one of the stories which goes with the house, on these grounds... One day the owner came home and heard noise up in the attic. Naturally he thought someone had gotten in, while he was away, so he called the police. {You're told to do that. Exit. Call police. Wait for the police to look around and see that all is ok.}

Police came. Heard noise in attic. They made sure no one would sneak out the back, while they investigated. Nope, no one up in attic. But... now there was sound coming from the cellar. Police investigated that, and no one was found. So they told the owner that it was clear, as far as they were concerned. Yes, they'd heard the noise. But no, they could not find a source. And so, it was beyond what they could do anything about. ,-)))))

An even better one, tomorrow.....