Monday, November 19, 2007

The story of the Trout Pond...

Above, is a side view of the Canfield Casino in Congress Park. It has a beautiful large room, which was used both as a ball room and as a restaurant.

Below, is another shot of the pond outside, as it looks today.

The story goes that when The Casino was in "its Hey-Day" {meaning, when it was a very popular place}, the pond contained beautiful trout, swimming happily. If a lady wished to dine on trout, she and her escort could accompany a kitchen person, out to the pond, and pick out 'her' dinner trout. The kitchen person would scoop out the chosen trout with a net, and hurry into the kitchen with it. While the lady and her escort returned to the dinning room to await their dinner. "What unique fun!" "Picking out my own trout for dinner!"


Unbeknown to the lady, when the kitchen person hurried in with the trout, he promptly 'plopped' the fish into a smooth tiled tube, the incline of which carried the fish back out to the bottom of the pond. And he resumed his life of swimming... And the chef fixed an already prepared trout, for the dinner. :-)