Sunday, January 13, 2008

Return to the renovation...

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I love this old carriage house. An old and reclusive couple lived there.
For years, it has been not well taken care of. Sad for the house. Time moves on and they have left and it was purchased by the present owners of the big house, for which this originally, was the place the carriages and horses were kept... Truly a carriage house.

Happily, these new owners wanted to restore it. {and have the money to do so} I was thrilled to hear about the restoration plans, from the big house caretaker. I got to know him, and he is really thrilled with the whole project as well. He was happy to take us through it, way back last winter, when it had only been gutted. And he told us, the plans for it.

This was an entry I made in March of '07. Another, showing more work done, by April. The end of April, I posted these photos, showing side and back views, at that time. I was lax, all summer and didn't take photos. But now, it's getting close to being done. The inside has been redone and painted also. Now I need to "mozy down" there and talk to the caretaker again, and try to be taken for a tour of the inside, yet again. :-)